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Montoya Trapping Services specializes in bird control, bird exclusions, nest removal & bats.

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Montoya Trapping Services Bird & Pigeon Removal

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Bird & Bat Removal

Birds are the second largest population of vectors only to rats, which means they can carry many diseases over great distances and can pose a serious threat to human health. In urban settings, city pigeons are a considerable pest. Most recently, Bird Flu has gained worldwide media coverage due to the animals’ abilities to spread a deadly virus. In addition to this disease, birds are also capable of spreading such diseases as tuberculosis, salmonellosis, psittacosis and other zoonotic diseases – many of which are contagious to the human species.

Much like young children, these winged animals are easily entertained and can be lured away from homes by placing shiny objects such as foil or tinsel in alternative, more preferable locations. Scarecrows are commonly used as distraction from crops, strategically placed to scare away invasive seed-eaters. Rubber snakes are also effective means of detracting birds due to their fear of snakes.

Other winged-pests

Woodpeckers and other winged-pests may be deterred by use of netting. Nets provide a physical barrier that prevents woodpeckers from causing damage on the sides of homes with their pecking. Install nets as a barrier anywhere that birds nest or have elevated populations. Bird spikes may be used to stop unwanted guests from landing in your yard. Installing spikes is a humane way to prevent them from landing or nesting, as they do not like the uneven surface and will quickly look for alternatives. For long-term pest control, sound emitters can be placed in the desired area, deflecting birds with high frequency danger alerts.

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Wildlife Control Service

Call Montoya Trapping Services today to protect your home from the pests that plague it. Pest and other nuisance wildlife: no problem! We also service birds & bats.

Wildlife Inspections

Montoya Trapping Services believes strongly that it is in the best interest of every property owner to have a professional wildlife inspection every year. Call us for prompt wildlife inspection or wildlife control treatment.

Rodent Removal

Rodents are some of the most destructive, dirty, and dangerous pests in your home. They can cause electrical and structural damage and spread diseases such as salmonella.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Service

Montoya Trapping Services Services are designed to rid your home of pests such as wildlife, ants, wasps, rodents and more. We treat the home, garage and yard and warranty each of our services. If a problem should arise before we are scheduled to return, simply give us a call and we will return promptly to re-treat the area.

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Montoya Trapping Services safeguards your home and business from pests, by instituting a protective barrier system to eliminate pest and wildlife issues before they occur.

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